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Yeah, I'll be sure to come back sometime. Joseph's It's A Wrap Lavash Bread, 4 ct, 9 oz. Overall, I'd still recommend for quality of food, Their food is amazing and the service is great. This is many times overlooked so I thought that was great. Pita Bread and silverware are not included and are $1 each per person extra. However, it wasn't something that the garlic sauce could not remedy.Lavash Wrap - Delicious ground beef and lamb with chopped onion, wrapped in flatbread, griddled to perfection, and then topped with parsley. It's not in his job description to ask us if we need anything, he's simply a cashier at a self-service restaurant, but besides bringing our food he took the courtesy to check in on us. Chicken Kabob Wrap. Food was outstanding. I hope to dream about it tonight and make a wish they'd magically open just for me lol. Looking for a Joseph's product to purchase nearby? Was only going to get one thing but too many caught my eye. ) is an Armenian Flatbread now found throughout western Asia and the Middle East. Not only are they inexpensive, but there isn’t anything funky baked in. Find in Store. 13. I've never seen my partner do the happy dance her entire meal. Combined with chicken and vegetables, it is an original and tasty addition to any lunchtime. Enjoy this Lavash bread with cheese and herbs or with slices of tomato and cuc The wrap was amazing, but maybe not with rice. Excellent in every way. Refer to the product label for full dietary information, which may be available as an alternative product image. I made a pizza using this for lunch today. The rice included was so tasty too. 4 (3 pieces) (V) 4 (6 pieces) Falafel. We got some baklava to go. Flat yet flexible, tender and tasty, lavash is your go-to for pizzas, wraps, sandwiches, and even baked chips. Shish Grill is the best place for an excellent food with affordable prices, I really like almost all the menu items which I tried most of them, I strongly recommend the Lamp Burger  it is amazing, Lavash wrap as well one of my favorite dishes, but I'm gonna stand speechless in front of Kabob both beef & Lamb the meat is very tender and the rice is just delicious with the breath taking garlic sauce . Only 6 net carbs per wrap. We specialize in our Homemade Chicken Shawerma: all natural juicy chicken marinated in yogurt and spices, and broiled to… Everything on the menu is phenomenal, a personal favorite is the lavash wrap. The intense garlic sauce blew my mind inside out. Visit to find out more and click here to find out where you can get lavash near you. It is a great dish that is sure to please even the pickiest of eaters. It's always made fresh and I love all the flavors. And that lavash wrap slapped me around a few times. Online shopping from a great selection at Grocery & Gourmet Food Store. Lavash restaurant is the third business initiative undertaken by Yeremyan Projects, presenting Armenian cuisine in an innovative and modern way. You know it's a good sign when you both keep muttering "This is delicious..." as you shovel it into your face. Chicken Shish Lavash Wrap $7.99 Veggie Lavash Wrap $7.99 Falafel Lavash Wrap $7.99 Side Orders. 10/10 would recommend to my friends. It's also served with their signature garlic sauce on the side, so this dish is a real winner!Chicken Shawarma Sandwich - This wasn't the authentic version that was shaved from a vertical spit of meat. Shop Now. Gyro meat, lettuce, tomatoes, red onions wrapped in lavash bread,minty cucumber- yogurt sauce comes on side. Dry and hard like processed rice from grocery stores from yester-years where they advertise you can never over cook or destroy it. Fresh Low Carb Bread from Joseph s Bakery delivered right to your door. Want to chime in? $13.99I love the Chicken kebab Salad. On a couple of occasions that I've had this, the lamb and chicken were a tad dry. I was disappointed there wasn't an appetizer portion of the falafel. And that lavash wrap slapped me around a few times. $12.99 Chicken Portobello Wrap Shish Grill is a small Mediterranean establishment located at The Marketplace retail center in San Ramon, CA. The salad is fresh, crisp romaine lettuce with tomatoes, cucumber and red onions. I weighed my chicken today because I'm neurotic like that and there was a full 9 oz of chicken!!! View the Lavash menu, read Lavash reviews, and get Lavash hours and directions. I am about to dig in to that now. We just happened to be in the plaza where this place is located and thought we would give it a try. Had the lavash wrap with some hot sauces on the side. My family loves Mediterranean cuisine and this restaurant has delicious Mediterranean/Lebanese food. Both were pretty good. Lavash Wraps. What I ordered was just plain bad especially the rice. Full of aroma and flavor, they allow you to savor that comforting feeling of fresh, hearty bread, without the guilt. While the world may have changed since 1930 when our grandfather first opened his bakery, our dedication to authenticity hasn’t. Looked good, tasted even better.Spicy Chicken - Stir-fried cubes of chicken breast with bell pepper, onion, roasted garlic, and their own blend of hot sauce. I had high expectations that San Ramon is slowly improving their restaurant options but not here. Delicious lavash bread made via machine. High protein. Everyone was so friendly. Still, it was a hot day and they were doing a pretty good business. Super soft! Thank you for the wonderful food! May help protect your heart while loosing weight. 32.0g. We ended up chatting with the owners about the dessert and ordered the baklava, which was delicious, and she brought us out a sample of the other dessert, ashtalia. While it specializes in Lebanese cuisine that I am not too familiar with, it was the presence of kabobs and shawarmas on their menu that brought me here. And while tasty, it was not out of this world. We will definitely be back here. Vegetable Pizza near me Linguica near me Chop Suey near me Chicken Noodle Soup near me Labni near me. It came nicely plated over rice and the aroma was quite appetizing. Tip-ask for the dressing on the side. Last week I got a package of flat-out low carb wraps and they remind me of the lavash bread. Perfect for the lunchbox, the beach, or a road trip. Add to cart . A Personalized Approach. We remain hands-on, and continue the tradition of providing artisanal-quality lavash and flatbreads to our customers. Joseph's Low Carb Wrap Value 3-Pack, Flax, Oat Bran and Whole Wheat, 8g Carbs Per Serving (6 Per Pack, 18 Wraps Total) Quantity may seem deceiving at first, but once it drops, you feel it like bass. Yamile recommended the Lavash Wrap and I loved it!!!! Being as my friend has a gluten allergy, they even bothered to check with us because soy sauce was in one of their marinades for the spicy chicken. The food was tasty, but it was the Shish Specialty Garlic Sauce that made me come back for more.Shish Specialty Garlic Sauce - Starting with the obvious, this sauce is the reason for the special in specialty, the extra in extraordinary, the super in supernatural, the good in goodness, and the bad in bad breath. Plates here are served with rice pilaf and a choice of salad or soup. Great salad and just $9.99!! Three grape leaves stuffed with rice, chopped parsley, onion, tomatoes, bell pepper and a blend of Lavash spices, rolled and slowly cooked to perfection. Everything we bake today is inspired by her cherished Lavash recipe. It's topped with a generous serving of tender seasoned chicken breast. I've had mixed results with the kabobs, but the Lavash Wrap and Spicy Chicken have been very solid. So delicious, you won’t even need to tell your family and friends it’s healthy. If so, you are in business! It is nice to have quick, fresh, homemade food in the area that is also reasonably priced. Joseph’s Lavash Products Include: It’s really close to our hearts and we know it will become a favorite in your house, too. I almost got jealous w/ all the morning. Wow this place is so good. I am also impressed with how fast the service is, especially with the pandemic going on. Don’t forget to check my Instastory for some fun and easy recipes using lavash or click here for more recipes like Rainbow Lavash Roll, Parfait Lavash Wrap to start your day or Hawaiian Lavash Pizza for dinner. This place was a very pleasant surprise.Can't believe it's in San Ramon!Spicy chicken and lamb kabobs were very flavorful.Even the lentil soup that came with the meal was outstanding.Don't forget the Gyro and Lavash Wrap for those who are less adventurous.My new favorite place in the 680 corridor. Heads up: From now on, other Yelpers will be able to see how you voted. I annihilated the whole thing in a matter of minutes. This review is long overdue! Our authentically-crafted lavash breads are a thin, soft alternative to other types of bread. I couldn't stop eating is had so much flavour with every bite. Our all-natural lavash roll-ups are made only from the very best, natural ingredients. Joseph’s Bakery Breads are healthy, low carb and high in protein with no cholesterol. It was the pre-sliced, marinated meat freshly cooked on a griddle, wrapped with veggies and garlic sauce, then served with French fries. It's a definite game changer as one dip can spell a big difference in the overall taste of the food.Shish Combo Plate - Skewer of lamb, chicken, and kafta (mixture of ground beef and lamb with onion, parsley, and spices) over a bed of yellow rice and served with either salad or soup. Not to mention that at this restaurant they take all the necessary precautions with preparing and delivering food, it makes me feel secure to order with them and I don't have to worry about my health. The food was tasty but this is probably the most overpriced Lebanese restaurant I've been to. Came out here for a wedding and Shish Grill is behind the hotel we stayed at. Simson's Pantry Wholegrain & Seeds Plus Fibre Large Wraps 6 pack Simson's Pantry Wholegrain & Seeds Plus Fibre Large Wraps 6 pack $ 6. Decent place for Mediterranean food. Excellent source of ALA omega-3! Seems to be family run. Amount per serving. We’re passionate about catering to the needs of our customers—if you need a specialized lavash product, contact us and we’ll work with you to create a customized product from start-to-finish. Utterly inedible. Trader Joe’s sells the most amazing whole wheat Lavash Wraps. Would recommend this place. $10.99. The formation of a unique setting with harmonious contrasts is at the heart of the restaurant’s creation, a meeting point of vintage design and Armenian cuisine. TRY THE ASHTALIA - you will not be disappointed!! They’re versatile, and can be used for sandwiches, tortillas, pizza, sushi—if you can create it, lavash can wrap it. $10.99. Lavash Wraps. Nothing special about the kabob and there was not the distinctive rich grilled aroma like in other good kabob grill restaurants..Plus the meat pieces were small. Wifey had Lavash wrap and I had the Kaftka. Persian Basket offers Ara-Z Lavash Bread at 16 oz - 454 grams for 2.99 per package. My first time here. Nice people! You should try it for: Wraps, Rollups, Crackers, Panini-style sandwiches, Pizza 4 (3 pieces) (V) 4 (6 pieces) Falafel. They are especially delicious warm from the oven wrapped with cheese and fresh greens or even as the base for Musakhan Wraps (Palestinian Chicken Wraps… Fresh and tasty! What a great local place! Nutrition Facts. Best hummus I've had since Israel! Lawash flatbread is made fresh everyday to provide the highest quality and best tasting flatbread available. They’re versatile, and can be used for sandwiches, tortillas, pizza, sushi—if you can create it, lavash can wrap it. Submit corrections. 2 dollars and 56 cents $2.56. And it's halal, so I'm game!Can't wait to try more off the menu! $1.43 / 100G . Gyro meat, lettuce, tomatoes, red onions wrapped in lavash bread,minty cucumber- yogurt sauce comes on side. Service was amazing. We will definitely be back. It is just the place for an excellent lunch & dinner. Walked in starving! Menu may not be up to date. The lentil soup was okay but can't make up for the main dishes. Add to cart. Would like to rate the cashier, a small brown man a 5/5 - excellent service on his part. I had the Lavash Wrap at the recommendation of staff and am so stuffed I can barely walk. Find a Lavash near you or see all Lavash locations. This place is so good. Yummmmm . Prices are per person. The service was friendly but a bit unorganized. Each item we ordered was equally amazing. The best Whole Wheat Pita, Flax, Oat Bran, Gluten Free, and Low Carb Bread sold online. Contains flax. 95 ($4.99/Count) FREE Shipping. Everything I've tried here has been fantastic, but in particular, I'd highly recommend the lavash wrap, chicken shawarma wrap, lentil soup, and their amazing garlic sauce (put it on everything it is PERFECTION.). Chicken Kabob Rice Bowl or Chicken Strips (3pcs). $29.95 $ 29. It would take me an hour … If only they were open tmrw, Id order 3 more of those lavash wraps. Mini Lavash Wraps 100% All Natural (Thinnest Lavash Available) Pack Of 6. I had the lavash wrap and it opened up a whole new world. Everything else was quite good but it's hard to go with more than three stars when the value Just wasn't there. Excellent! Since ordering a couple of days ago, I have already ordered again and we will keep coming back. Lavash The Bread That Started It All. Grilled chicken breast, fresh mushrooms, onions, & green peppers, wrapped in lavash bread with tomatoes, lettuce, & minty cucumber-yogurt dressing comes on the side. ... Steak Fajitas near me Espresso near me Octopus near me Chicken Breast Kebab near me Potato Chip near me. 00. I have been on a mission to find a shewarma wrap in the bay area that compares to back home, this one does. This food is soooo good. Really good food. We ordered the baba ghanouj, falafel sandwich, lentil soup, lavash wrap, and the French fries. It was fine, but the Lavash Wrap was the better choice.Prices were a bit high considering that this is a counter-style restaurant. Specialties: Father Nature Lavash Bistro is proud to serve only the finest Mediterranean foods at reasonable prices. Was $5.00 $0.71 / 100G . It was not the nice round fluffy ones but a thin dry burnt lavash wrap. Do you live near a Trader Joe’s? I went to rehearsal w/ the most amazing breath and it was worth every star. Our new favorite and so glad Shish is right here in San Ramon. Recipe by The garlic sauce is creamy, garlicky, slightly peppery and very addictive. Chicken Kabob Wrap. We source natural ingredients, cultivate a family-like relationship with our employees, and go the extra mile to produce outstanding, nutritious lahvash and flatbread products for the food service industry. Serving size. First let’s talk about Lavash Wraps. Lavash Wraps. The meats were well-seasoned, but the portions were smaller than the average kabob cuts. Really nice fella took our order - combo shish kabob plate and the lavash wrap. I got it with a salad and rice, really generous portions. Love this place! Both were very good. 28.4cents/OZ. A mixture of ground beef and lamb, spread on pita bread, topped with onions, parsley and our specialty garlic sauce. I feel that food and the service are key components at any restaurant and this one excels at both. Gyro Wrap. Top Cuisines Near Me. Our grandmother Atoria was the inspiration behind Atoria’s Family Bakery when our parents started it in 1992. Ask for Our Catering Prices. The first lavash we ate after arriving in Yerevan came from the corner store near our rental apartment. 10 dollars for the falafel sandwich blew me away. By far the most flavorful Mediterranean food I've ever had. Lavash wraps. Not to mention that the food was still piping hot (including the side of lentil soup) by the time it got to our house. If not, don’t despair – there are many other great brands of Lavash … Click here to pin the recipe. I found mine near the deli counter. The service here is consistently fast and friendly. Ended up getting the spicy chicken and the lavash wrap. Overall, great restaurant, great food, and great service. Persian Lavash Bread is a thin large sheet of bread dough typically cooked inside a tanoor. We were not disappointed, the food was fabulous. The pita is crispy on the outside and filled with flavor! Definitely recommend to anyone looking for an authentic Lebanese cuisine. About 8 servings per container. The soup was divine, and everything was made with fresh ingredients. Use our Find in Store tool to help you find what you're looking for! The intense garlic sauce blew my mind inside out. A password reset link will be sent to you by email. Containing flax, oat bran, and whole wheat, these 3 healthy ingredients may give extra protection to your heart while you are losing weight. I highly recommend Shish. Good flavor, food was ready quickly, and great service. What sets this apart from all other wraps is that it's finished on the grill. Save to list + Mission Super Soft Low Salt Wraps 567g Mission Super Soft Low Salt Wraps 567g $ 4. Enter the username or e-mail you used in your profile. Only 6 left in stock - order soon. All i can say is, mind blown! So if you cannot find the lavash bread you might want to look at these. Not the biggest fan of their rice, but I couldn't complain about the quality. Sooooo good. No cholesterol. 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. My boyfriend loves this place and is always trying to get me to come here. The food at Shish Grill is delicious!!! Sorry to go against the grain of all the raving reviews...but I respectfully disagree. Great taste. I went to rehearsal w/ the most amazing breath and it was worth every star. Reduced carb. So good. Lunch could get really busy and although seating appears to be limited inside, there are a few tables outside as well. I annihilated the whole thing in a matter of minutes. Find our baked goods at in your supermarket’s deli section. Our authentically-crafted lavash breads are a thin, soft alternative to other types of bread. The prices are very reasonable.My sons both love the Lavash Wrap; a mixture of ground beef and lamb, spread on pita bread then topped with onions, parsley and their special garlic sauce. Three grape leaves stuffed with rice, chopped parsley, onion, tomatoes, bell pepper and a blend of Lavash spices, rolled and slowly cooked to perfection. Minimum 10 people or more for catering menu. Top Cuisines Near Me. Ordered the Lentil soup, shawarma, hummus, lavash wrap, and baklava (via DashDoor). The hummus was also tasty. However the highlight of the meal was the lavash wrap and the garlic sauce! The service is excellent and friendly. I had been meaning to try this place for quite a long time now and finally decided to order some takeout. I have had the lavash wrap plate and the lentil soup is amazing. We ordered the kibbeh, combo kabob, lavash wrap, and spicy chicken. Lavash was our very first product, and over the years, we’ve seen it be just as happy in a PB&J rollup as it is in a fancy quiche. Yummy Wraps Healthy Wraps Healthy Recipes Keto Recipes Healthy Food Low Carb Bread Low Carb Keto Lavash Wrap Recipe Diabetic Lunch Ideas. Didn't have too many expectations. Gyro Wrap. I had the spicy chicken plate and it was freakin  delicious!! Huge portions. Lavash Bread, Flax, Oat Bran & Whole Wheat Flour 4 squares [9 oz (255 g)] 4 Square breads. Meet the gourmet lunch wrap that's ready in less than 10 minutes. My friend had the Kafta and I had the Lavash wrap. Right with the other bread. It did not disappoint in the least. The soup is a great lentil soup that tastes healthy and not too thick. 00. I had the shewarma sandwich and my wife had the lavash wrap. The gyro was described to be wrapped in a pita. It would take me an hour from the house to get here but I'd definitely make that drive. I love my big a** salads and this is no exception.

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