how to clean a stainless steel griddle

You Can Clean Your Microwave With Household Items, How to Clean a Keurig for the Freshest Coffee. Rub with the grain of the metal while the griddle is still warm. Using abrasives may even void your warranty. The seasoned coating will help stop food from sticking to the surface and allow for easier cleanup in the future. Griddle scraper; Griddle brick/pumice stone; Cooking oil ; Soda water/club soda; Vinegar; Rag; It usually takes 5-10 minutes to properly clean a grill. I’ve almost mastered the onion volcano! Make sure the flat edge of the spatula is flat against the surface, so you don’t scratch it. $39.99 $ 39. I expected it to turn a dark color after cooking but it is impossible to keep clean. Every item on this page was chosen by The Pioneer Woman team. For regular care and maintenance, cleaning a stainless steel grill is a snap. Metal griddles are fantastic tools for cooking anything that might benefit from a wide flat heat source. After cooking is complete, turn off grill. I have yet to cook anything on my griddle that I can’t get off with this method, and it still looks brand-spanking-new. Internal GMS Technology offers simple grease management for easy and safe cleanup. Join Prime to save $4.00 on this item "griddle brick" JA Kitchens Grill Brick Holder and Two Grill Bricks - Cleans Griddles and Grills. They help free up your burners and oven, while providing a very even cooking surface for searing. Step 4. Step 3. Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources for Restaurants & Commercial Kitchens, Parts Town Launches Red Lightning Group Division to Accelerate Innovation, Southbend Convection Oven Troubleshooting, York Chiller Troubleshooting & Fault Codes. Cleaning tools and products for griddle. If you have a cast iron griddle, clean it just like you would clean a cast iron skillet . Black Porcelain Drip Pan to facilitate surface cleaning; 15,000 BTU Stainless Steel Griddle; Infrared Broil Burner; Blue porcelain oven interior; Commercial Convection Fan; And that’s only a few of the many features! What You’ll Need. Step 2 Sprinkle cream of tartar on the food residue. I had my fingers crossed that Mr. Clean would come to my rescue and save the day for me! My griddle cleaning method works on all stainless steel or chrome griddles, built-in or countertop. A. Do not let the cream of tartar and vinegar solution sit for more than five minutes. I have a viking cooktop with a stainless steel griddle built in to it. Finish up with the same top to bottom or side to side movements. This whole process takes literally 2 minutes or less. In … (It also fully prevent any rust) Stainless steel polishes can discolor under intense heat and … I’m afraid I’ll scratch it up.”, “Do you use your griddle? To clean stainless steel with vinegar, start by mixing equal parts vinegar and water in a spray bottle and misting your solution onto your stainless steel items. Afterwards, use a wire grill brush to scrub away all the cooked-on residue. The site may earn a commission on some products. The stainless steel griddle is easy to clean. Step 3: Set a folded-up paper towel on the wet griddle. The next time you have to cook a large feast for a group of people, you won’t need to worry. The process typically takes only about 5-10 minutes if done on a regular basis. 2 cents. Stainless steel is everywhere in a commercial kitchen, and it's no wonder--it's such a durable, easy-to-clean material that comes in many different types , plus it looks great too. If the griddle is made of stainless steel, ensure that you rub in the direction of the grain. Chrome cooking surfaces, for example, should never be subjected to abrasives like grill bricks or screens. Rubberized feet allow stability for the 10,000 BTU griddle. Think about it this way. It holds heat well, browns meat beautifully, and is an effective, affordable alternative to stainless steel. The basics of cast iron. Step 1 Clean off all loose debris from the griddle as best as you can with a scrub brush and hot, soapy water. There are stainless steel polishes, but remember anything that leaves behind a film or finish will be subjected to the heat of your grill. It looks horrible and I … Make sure to clean your griddle while it is still hot. Step 1. I love Magic Erasers but I had never tried out the Mr. Clean Outdoor Pro Magic Erasers or Mr. Clean Outdoor Pro Spray before. While griddle is warm, scrape food residue from cooking surface to grease trough with a stainless steel scraper. Using backing soda (Costco, big bags), is the best grease dissolvant. Griddle or a grill brick can be used to gently wipe-off food and grease. After staring at it for a second or two, inevitably, one of the following comments is always made: “You know, I have a stove with a griddle, but never use it because I can’t figure out how to clean it. You can remove splatters and splashes with little more than a damp rag. Don’t let grease and food particles cool and bake onto the metal surface. Step 2. Flat top griddles and planchas are incredible pieces of commercial kitchen equipment. The Pioneer Woman participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. Many griddles are stainless steel while others are made of chromium, commonly called chrome. 4.8 out of 5 stars 54. Read on to learn about the best ways to clean and care for your cast iron griddle, and never wonder again if you’re cleaning it the proper way. It’s easy to keep this kitchen workhorse in great shape with some proper care. Consult your service manual if you aren’t sure about the type of surface you have on your griddle. You have the oven and all those burners. The best tools used to clean a stainless steel grill can include a scraper, a grill block, soda water, vinegar and some good old-fashioned effort. The great thing about using vinegar for cleaning is it naturally fights grease and rust and virtually everyone has a … This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, It's Probably Time to Clean Your Coffee Maker, How to Dry Brine a Turkey for Thanksgiving, The Best Step-by-Step Guide to Gift Wrapping, Simple Roasted Butternut Squash Soup Is So Good, Learn How to Spatchcock a Turkey for Thanksgiving, How to Make Royal Icing Without Meringue Powder. How to Clean a Stainless Steel Grill with Vinegar Distilled white vinegar is one of the best DIY cleaning products for grates of all types of grills and is ideal to clean steel pans, as well. At the end of every day, or sooner if needed, you should also empty, wash, and sanitize your waste drawer. Although if you follow those steps often, your griddle will come out shiny and looking great with not a lot of effort. Step 1: While the griddle is hot, use a flat metal spatula to scrap off excess debris. There are numerous schools of thought on how often a thorough clean and seasoning is performed. These cleaning agents are not to be used with chrome steel commercial or teppanyaki grills. It always seems to maintain and grungy residue. Once a week: Use a food service grade degreaser to clean the griddle after it has cooled off completely. Step 2: While the griddle is still hot, pour water (or water with a drop of dish soap) over the griddle surface. Posted on April 17, 2011 August 11, 2015 by Debra. This stainless steel griddle features a durable build perfect for even heat distribution. Then, polish the front of the griddle with a clean cloth. You can empty it once it is finished. Stainless steel brings the look of sleek sophistication to your kitchen. Find out what we're up to with the Parts Town newsletters. B. In this video, I am going to show you how to clean your Blackstone / Camp Chef griddle. over the years, the easiest way I found : The heat will actually make the cleaning process easier, if you don’t wait. Then, let the vinegar sit for 10 seconds before scrubbing the stainless steel with a paper towel or a microfiber cloth. Own a griddle but don’t use it All the elbow grease and stainless steel griddle pads still left me with a dirty and discolored griddle. Some chefs do this every day while others only do it as needed. Then place the flat metal spatula on the paper towel and scrub back and forth to remove the dirty water and debris. Yet a griddle is also very helpful in making: … Or for pretending you are a hibachi chef in your own kitchen. When people walk into my kitchen, one of the first things they notice is that my range top has a griddle in between the burners. Stainless Steel Cleaning Chemical – liquid based chemicals that are typically non-toxic and can just be removed easily by rinsing the grill surface with water. Place a griddle screen and scrubbing pad on top of each other and place onto the griddle. CAUTION - To avoid injury, use alternate method (below) if grease such as bacon drippings or excess cooking oil is present in the trough. Step 3 Spray the area with vinegar. Cleaning a Steel Griddle Plate: Let the griddle cool down to 300°F-350°F after service and apply room temperature water Use a griddle scraper to remove grease and bits of debris into the crumb tray (empty and clean afterward as well) To clean the griddle, you’ll need a number of kitchen aids, including a griddle-cleaning soap, a sturdy griddle sponge, and, possibly, a griddle brush or scraper. If this fails, use a nylon scouring pad. The only items you will need are a flat-edged metal spatula, some paper towels, and some water—plus a drop of dish soap if your griddle is really, really dirty. 99. • Go with the grain of the stainless finish, which is usually from side to side rather than up and down. Mix ¼ cup (45g) of baking soda and ¼ cup (59mL) of water in a small bowl to make a paste. Pour warm water on it to start boiling off the grease buildup, being careful of any steam generated. Most often we use our griddle for pancakes, grilled sandwiches, pork chops, and steaks. C. Have an electric counter-top griddle. Wiping against the grain can scratch the surface. If the griddle is extremely soiled, use a griddle or grill brick while the surface is still warm to gently rub off caked-on grease and food. Squeeze citrus on grill, then scrub with griddle pad: I love my Viking stove, but cleaning the griddle was a pain in the butt. Once you’re done with the vinegar take a fairly moist (water) towel and wipe the whole top of the griddle repeatedly rinsing the towel or towels to get the vinegar off. These steps may include seasoning, washing, and drying, depending on the surface of the griddle. My griddle cleaning method works on all stainless steel or chrome griddles, built-in or countertop. Make sure you rub in the direction of the grain so you don't ruin the stainless steel surface. How To Clean Your Stainless Steel Griddle. Are considering purchasing a range with a griddle, or Scrape back and forth. Then sweep all the crumbs into the catch-tray at the end of the griddle. Steel panels wipe down easily. How to clean a steel griddle plate: At the end of service, allow griddle to cool down to 300°F-350°F and apply room temperature water. Cleaning a Stainless Steel Griddle. Later, use a clean cloth to polish foremost part of the griddle. You want the griddle still warm so the vinegar can do it’s job. 2. When dry, scrape the white drying baking soda, and before cooking again, wash the residual with the cheap white vinegar (also fm costco). I've tried cleaners when its warm or cold, brillo, club soda - nothing works. Powder direct on grease a little time after use, ..and let it be ! Most experts recommend that cleaning stainless steel griddle should be done while it is still warm.

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