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Yes, there are also different types of batteries for chainsaws and you need to understand the differences between them. Cutting wood up to 6″ in diameter, which includes: limbing, cutting firewood, pruning, and minor storm cleanup. This trend will only continue upward, providing power more akin to gas than the traditional model of battery-powered. The best chainsaw comes down to your needs. This chainsaw is excellent for limbing, cutting firewood and felling small to medium-sized trees around your yard. Plenty of new chainsaws. It offers you two choices of battery, a 2 Ah and 4 Ah option, both providing power at 40V. Echo produces some of the finest gasoline-powered power tools on the planet. Cordless chainsaws are versatile, easy to use and up to almost any task. Gas tanks must be drained, and even then the unit must be kept in the cool to avoid the risk of fire from the smallest spark. Keep children and pets far away. Buy smart. Read the full review → Makita XCU02PT. Cutting wood up to 14″ in diameter, which includes: limbing, cutting firewood, felling trees, pruning, and cleaning up after a storm. Yes, “For the times they are a-changin’…” as Bob Dylan sang. Never try to service the engine yourself- rather use an authorized service center. How do you know if a battery-powered chainsaw is the right choice for you? If you still have doubts, why don’t you check our electric chainsaw buying guide? Use safety equipment. 56V Battery 2.0 Ah Battery: 25-minute charge time from zero to full charge. You may also want to invest in contractor’s earplugs so you don’t risk any damage to your ears if you’re doing a lot of work. Auto-oiling with Lubrilink and Lubriwell for continuous lubrication – quarter-turn oil cap for quick oil re-fills. They’re also typically cheaper, which is a benefit everyone enjoys. Don’t let the fancy battery specifications scare you! Unfortunately, you’ll need a tool to adjust the chain as it’s not a tool-less system, which is a pain in the butt but it has many other great features to compensate for it, like a reliable chain brake. The Earthwise LCS31010 is similar to the Earthwise LCS30008 but it has a 10″ OREGON bar and chain and powered by the superior Li-ion battery type, which translates into longer operating time, more power and greater efficiency when it comes to cutting. The Makita LXCU01Z is a well-constructed and compact battery powered chainsaw that will make those small cutting tasks easy to handle for anyone. How to Use & Maintain a Cordless Chainsaw, Best Battery Powered Chainsaw Comparison Chart. runtime and motor life, Up to 90 cuts per charge on 4x4 pressure treated In September of 2019, Sun Joe introduced their new 100V Cordless Chainsaw — the most powerful battery chainsaw on the market. For many homeowners, this can be a solid replacement for their gas chainsaws. The Makita XCU02Z 18V X2 LXT is an impressive chainsaw that comes with an impressive 3 year warranty for peace of mind. Also, we’ve removed all the mystery from the world of batteries. Best for: Light-duty. You get the idea. It’s a quiet-running device, rated at a super-low 89 dB, light to carry and easy to manipulate in even the most awkward situations. Always have an ‘escape route’ planned in case the limb/tree drops towards you and cut so the wood can drop freely without hooking on branches. Consider the unit’s weight, and look for comfortable designs with ergonomic handles. They anticipate 70 cuts per charge on softwood- not bad for a battery chainsaw. That’s their focus as a company so it shouldn’t be surprising that all of their chainsaws are excellent and consistent top sellers. Reviews — Best Outdoor Storage Sheds for the Money, 2020 Reviews — Best 400,000 BTU Pool Heater? No need to spend days and days researching. One of the important points I tried to get across in this article is that battery powered chainsaws are limited by their power and time of use, which is why I strongly recommend a second battery to give you more opportunity to get your work done. Cutting with a sharp chain is extremely important. DigiPro brushless motors are more reliable and delivers gas equivalent performance to a 45cc gas engine. Tool-less chain tensioning for quick adjustments so you can get back to the task at hand. This chainsaw will make those small tasks around the yard simple and painless for any homeowner — young or old. Battery powered chainsaws are generally light and compact, work for hours, and shine when cutting small trees and doing general trimming. ►Working Saw : Home or Job — DEWALT DCCS620B. Clean Power, My Chainsaw Won’t Start | Definitive Chainsaw Starting Guide, 40V MAX* Lithium Ion battery. The powerful 4Ah battery delivers 58 volts of charge, and a brushless motor ensures low friction for cool running and long motor life. Expect to get about 2-3 years from a high-quality battery in ‘normal’ use. I highly recommend you buy an extra battery as you will likely need it. Note: Top handle chainsaw. Honestly, what are you cutting? ► We’ve updated our comprehensive GUIDE on the BEST Chainsaws for the Money. Fan Cooled Charging System: Prevents the battery and charger from overheating. I’ve done a thorough review since this writing of the OREGON CS250, which you can read here. Also, a battery powered chainsaw tend to be more pricey than corded electric because, as you probably already know, batteries are expensive to manufacture. Now you know more about the battery chainsaw, let’s take a closer look at everything you need to know to make a smart choice. Get the double-pack (BL1830-2) (3.0 Ah) so you can actually use the chainsaw for your home projects, otherwise the saw itself will be an expensive paper weight. This battery powered chainsaw comes with a charger, blade cover and hex wrench to adjust your chain. Are you felling 20″ trees? It’s a top handle chainsaw, which means it should only be used if your cutting above the ground from an elevated position. Battery Powered Chainsaw vs Electric Chainsaw, Determining the Best Battery Powered Chainsaw. And you’ll be using the included hex wrench to adjust the chain. What’s the best battery powered chainsaw? And on the flip side of electric chainsaws is the battery powered chainsaw, and the focus of this article. While this is technically true- especially in battery-powered units, where the technology is still young- you are likely not a contractor who has to use the unit all day, every day. As you would expect, to get a powerful battery chainsaw you’ll have to pay for it because the luxury and freedom to cut wherever you choose comes at a price. The electric chainsaw … While your cordless chainsaw will enjoy being dust-free too, all it needs is a safe place and a dust cover- no danger, no fuss, and no problem. It really couldn’t get much easier. Furthermore, our team has even looked at the basics of cutting, which will soon have you slicing up your garden like a pro. Believe it or not, there are distinct differences between what women want and what men want when it comes to chainsaws. It’s the law of inertia. The wrap-around handle keeps you safe and makes it easy to get into any angle needed. Unfortunately, the downside of any battery saw is the limited battery power. Most chainsaws will give you about 1-2 hours of use before needing to recharge. Take the time to match the unit to your home. This brushless chainsaw has a 14″ OREGON bar and chain, driven by a brushless motor which allows it to run cooler and be more efficient. Just as with storage, the maintenance needs of a cordless chainsaw are a lot lower. It’s a productivity issue more than anything else, and you can continually work , with no downtime, if you have two batteries because as you recharge one battery you can use the other, and so on, making for far greater efficiency in your work flow. Without an extra battery, this chainsaw is only suitable for small and short tasks, by short I mean like 10-15 minutes or so. Only use genuine Makita batteries and chargers. If you’re looking specifically for a chainsaw for cutting firewood read our guide on buying a chainsaw for cutting firewood. We know how tempting it is to pop it on ‘for a bit’ just to get the last part of the job done. Chain adjustment is tool-less, with a front hand guard and chain brake for added safety. The Makita UC120DWD is the smallest and lightest battery powered chainsaw on our list. As you can see, the pros of a battery chainsaw far outweigh the cons for the average user like yourself. Toro PowerPlex 51880 | 40V Battery Chainsaw. Zero emissions. You can read more about the advantages and disadvantages between gas, corded electric and battery powered chainsaws in my Chainsaw Buying Guide. I did a full feature on the EGO Power+ so you can read all the details by reading my product spotlight article. Macho bragging rights aren’t worth your health. We will do our best to keep this article up to date and current.

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