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The Axelerator is a regular-pay VUL plan from AXA Philippines. Get as much as P5 Million in total health coverage until you turn 55 years old for as low as P59 per day. Please talk to your advisor for guidance. Learn more about the different ways you can secure your future. Through AXA ’s professionally managed funds, you can maximize your earning potential to build up your investment faster and reach your medium to long-term goals sooner, or simply prepare early for your retirement. Depende if your a conservative or aggressive investor. But better kung ituloy mo beyond 5 years, samantalahin mo na wala ka nang premium charge. By using this website, you agree to the use of cookies to deliver personalized content and enable website services. 2.5k/month , 5 years to pay, 150k sum insured 3. Waiver of Premium ensures that all your remaining unpaid premiums are covered if you become totally and permanently disabled before age 60. All rights reserved. Your family will receive the equivalent of 5x your annual payment or the actual amount of money in your policy, whichever is higher, should you suddenly pass away. Provides additional cash benefit if you are diagnosed with any of the 57 covered Major Critical Conditions. The addition you’ve made would be put into the fund. I consent to receive notices and announcements for marketing purposes via Short Messaging Services (SMS), e-mail, other electronic platform, or telephone call from AXA Philippines its affiliates, subsidiaries, including any person or entities providing services on AXA’s behalf, consistent with the purpose for which the information was obtained. You don’t have to wait long to grow your investment. If that is a 10-yr plan, di mo talaga maa-appreciate growth ng investment within 10years dahil for the first few years, hindi naman lahat ng premium mo naka-invest. In this article, you’ll find out how you can earn passive income while staying protected with a basic insurance protection. PersonalEase your worries and secure yourself and your family's future. Your email address will not be published on the website. As long as your policy is active on its 10th and 20th anniversary dates you will receive a bonus amount added to your chosen AXA fund/s. High risk funds are more volatile, but can ride on the market highs with the potential to earn more. So account value+full payment. In 2018, our customers made an average saving of … AXA advisors help please! They claimed as one of the world’s leaders in financial protection and wealth management. Global Health Access is a non-participating yearly renewable term health insurance plan which reimburses the costs incurred by the insured person due to medically necessary and eligible treatments by providing access to the best healthcare options available. Hi, Jof. Keep yourself, your employees, your goods, equipment, and your customers secured should anything happen. For Axelerator or VUL in general, you can request for premium holiday after paying at least five years. TO FIND OUT MORE, CONSULT THE. The policy can likewise be for those who want to start earning passive income through investment and get basic life insurance in the process. Learn more. However, you can always ask for the sum insured to be increased. 02-27-2017, 04:47 PM #70. Charter Ping An's Personal Accident provides you monetary compensation for death or bodily injury as a result of accidental, violent, external, and visible means. Accelerator appears as a skinny teen and has pale skin, moppy white hair, and red eyes. Please refer your questions to the agent. Secure Rider gives you additional cash benefits if death is the result of an accident or if the accident resulted to dismemberment, disablement and/or major burns. It is an option particularly when returns and the size of the account value are enough to sustain the policy moving forward. The account value will then be allocated into any of AXA’s investment funds for potential upside for earnings. Through AXA’s professionally managed funds, you can maximize your earning potential to build up your investment faster and reach your medium to long-term goals sooner, or simply prepare early for your retirement. Low risk funds will give you more stability, but equally potential lower returns. I want to know how much my investment can grow, Sorry, this product is available for ages 0-70, Please enter a value between P2,500-P250,000, Please enter amount in increments of P500, Please enter number between 5 - {[{ main.getMaxAge(100) }]} years, Please enter a value between P500,000-P20,000,000, Please enter amount in increments of P500,000. aXelerator. Copyright 2020 © PESOLAB. Axelerator is not only a life insurance policy. aXelerator. Thank you! Buy online through AXA iON on your own or with the help of an AXA Financial Advisor. The actual return may differ based on market performance. Mataas ang rate of return ng AXA. 5 Years din ang Axelerator ng kapatid ko, supposedly tapos na last December naka auto-debit sa bank niya but still nagbabayad pa raw siya, dahil kaya sa mababa ang stocks at kulang pa nababayad niya na premium kahit over 5 … Below is a quick rundown on the details of the plan. AXA Philippines only offer the following products: 1. Gives you additional life insurance coverage. Online purchase yun and approved by Insurance Comm. It’s dangerous to assume you won't ever get sick and lack of preparation aggravates the cost of treatment. Our commercial line of products are designed to provide protection for your business. We show you how you can use the switching service from AXA to save not only time, but money too. The account value is established too on the first day, with part of your premium invested into an investment fund of your choice. I pay my insurance 2500 monthly and now i am almost 3 years paying it.But I am planning to withdraw my money. Commit to setting aside a portion of your income for savings to help you reach your goals sooner. Access professionally-managed, high-performing funds to grow your investment. The Axelerator is a regular-pay VUL plan from AXA Philippines. Prepare for your dream retirement. Axa Car Insurance - Bad service when you need to make a claim. You can get insured on critical conditions, accidental death or dismemberment, hospitalization, waiver of premium, and term insurance rider. Frequent and regular payments, can help build on returns, lower your average cost per share, and help minimize the effect of market unpredictability. An investment and life insurance plan that makes your dreams happen faster. This means that upon diagnosis of any of the eligible diseases, you or your beneficiaries may receive lump sum cash. We are the No. Fill up the information below to receive a copy of the quote to your email address. TO OFFER YOU A BETTER EXPERIENCE, THIS SITE USES COOKIES, INCLUDING THOSE OF THIRD PARTIES. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. It allows you to relax and have a peace of mind knowing your dreams for yourself and for your family will not be … Your investment can grow to {[{ main.formatCurrency(main.form.amountNeeded) }]} in {[{ main.form.yearsNeeded }]} years, with a monthly payment based on how long you are willing to pay: In case of your sudden demise, your family will receive at least {[{ main.formatCurrency(main.results.minimumSumInsured) }]} if you choose to pay for a minimum of 5 years, or your actual Account Value, whichever is higher. It is meant to protect your income. Investment link. So when you open Axelerator, the starting cover is ₱150K and the premium is ₱83.34 per day. May blog po ba kayo tungkol dito or alam na site na pwedeng mabasa para sa amung mga beginners? For interested you may text or call me at 0926-593-7648 or email me at [email protected]. 820 likes. This product cannot be sold to you unless its benefits and risks have been thoroughly explained. Investing. There are many benefits when buying Axelerator such as: Aside from the disadvantages of VUL plans in general, the disadvantage of this plan is its basic sum insured. A part of the premium goes to paying the insurance as well as to your account value, which is the built-in savings component of the policy. ... AXA Retire Smart. 8 talking about this. 2,500 po per month yun. AXA’s funds are managed by the Metrobank Trust Banking Group – one of the best fund managers in Asia. Ano po ang additional benefits? Disgraceful service received from AXA. Investing with AXA (Inputs please) This discussion is about "Investing with AXA (Inputs please)" in the "Business, Finance & Economics Discussions" forums. Napakuha po kc ng di oras ang asawa ko dahil kumpare niya yung agent. The AXA Group is committed to international expansion and has already established a strong presence in the Asia-Pacific Region, maximizing opportunities for future growth. It took a formal complaint for AXA for them to even look into my claim, despite putting a claim marker on my insurance the day it … AXA: Axelerator: after 3 years, 100% of premium is invested: Php 2,500/month: 5-10 yrs. Doc Pinky, how about po yung sa AXA AXELERATOR? ... axa axelerator.....excited na ko Classic_Classy likes this. 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Your vehicle is your second home, transporting you and your family to and from where you need to go. Reduce the impact of investment volatility and maximize your money’s growth potential. got their $ denominated pure stock investment and am on my 2nd year or 3rd na guro. Note: This assumes that your fund will grow at 8% return, with no withdrawals. Note that performance of the past does not provide guarantees of the future. These are, however, subject to applicable charges. How is my monthly premium payment earn from axalerator? is there a corresponding unit shares every month base on my payment? aXelerator. (just check for the rest of the products) For wealth management, AXA has a single payment like Ambition X for as low as 100k then you can see the progress immediately. Receive a lump sum amount in cash when you are found with any of the 35 covered critical conditions*. This is the potential earnings when you invest in mutual funds. I understand and agree that by filling out my personal information above, I authorize AXA Philippines, including its affiliates, subsidiaries, third parties contacted by AXA Philippines, to use said personal information to evaluate and assess my request and further, I consent to receive notices and announcements for marketing purposes via Short Messaging Services (SMS), e-mail, other electronic platform, or telephone call from AXA Philippines its affiliates, subsidiaries, including any person or entities providing services on AXA's behalf, consistent with the purpose for which the information was obtained. I am paying for 5 years (monthly) I just want to know how my money gain from this business. Education is the best gift we can give our children. It provides medical coverage in the Philippines, or any country in the world.

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